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Newbies Guides to Finance

Providing their own unique twist to the usual dry textbooks, this series of financial guides is written in a conversational way by an experienced financial educator.

Starting from an assumption that the reader, while intelligent, has not been exposed to the concepts explained, and wants to know the practical methods to advance their knowledge, the guides are to the point and easily understood.


Why this website?

To provide further information on the Newbies series of financial guides

To give owners of the guide a better production of the charts and diagrams in the guide.

To provide further links to material that may interest people who are looking at the guide.

To give a means that you can feedback your ideas, questions, and suggestions.

This technical analysis guide is the fourth in the Newbies series, which is just building up momentum. Guides that are definitely planned for the future include ones on trading futures, contracts for difference including spread betting, further charting education, and candlestick charting which would include Ichimoku charts.

Please let me know if you’re interested in any of the above, and I will drop you a line when each is published. Also if you have any other topics that I haven’t mentioned, I will be happy to consider producing a guide on them.