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Newbies Guides to Finance

Providing their own unique twist to the usual dry textbooks, this series of financial guides is written in a conversational way by an experienced financial educator.

Starting from an assumption that the reader, while intelligent, has not been exposed to the concepts explained, and wants to know the practical methods to advance their knowledge, the guides are to the point and easily understood.


Charts and Diagrams

The Kindle is a marvelous machine, loved by those who swear by it, even if feared by those who don’t. However, as the Kindle format allows you to be viewing the content on a wide variety of offerings, I include this bonus facility for you, the buyer of the Technical Analysis - A Newbies Guide.

In case some of the charts didn’t show up very well, the originals are all included here in a photo carousel which you can browse at your leisure.

If you had trouble viewing the Kindle versions, here are the originals.